A Complete Guide to Instagram Marketing

This social network is not just a place where people share their interesting moments from the last holiday, exciting pictures of travels, selfies and food photos. Recently, this is a progressive place for business promotion. If you have something that you want to show and get money out of it, then these 7 tips will help you with it.

1. Paid advertising

By 2018, it became quite obvious that small online stores had very low organic reach on different social networks despite the fact that most brands and small businesses rely on ads. The organic traffic will not disappear this year, but on this platform, it is already too hard to achieve high organic results without any paid support or a complex partnership strategy.

2. Useful posts

As you know, there is the opportunity to save info that you like in order not to lose it. The more people save the information you have in your account, the more popular it is. Accordingly, a lot of people visit your profile, and you get more money for this. That’s exactly what you need, right?

3. Stories Ads are still cheap

It’s the secret weapon of good marketers. Such ads quickly gained popularity and received over 300 million active daily users. The advertising platform is a relatively new thing, released only in 2017. Its novelty and the persistent starting low cost gives users the opportunity to experiment in whatever way they like and find out what works for their brands and what doesn’t. The expenses for this advertising are relatively small.

4. Different content formats

So, we found out that you need to upload info every day but didn’t say anything about its content. Obviously, you want to increase sales. But this doesn’t mean that all your posts should be advertising. You will annoy followers. Mix different content formats. Upload pictures of employees and companies. And, at the same time, adhere to a single brand image.

5. #hashtags

They are no less important than photos. This is the best free way to promote your content. There are several approaches to their use. If you’re just starting your business, choose existing hashtags for people to find you. If you are a well-known company, then you can come up with specific hashtags that will be your calling card.

6. Custom content

Ask followers to create posts specifically for your brand and tag them with a special hashtag. This strategy works very efficiently, as you significantly expand the reach, strengthen the trust in the brand and get recommendations from clients. Such a content format is an incredible value for sales growth. Motivations are very different: organize a competition, promise to publish the best photos in your profile, offer a special discount.

7. Engaging through communication

If people don’t engage in your content, then they don’t see what you offer, which means it’s harder for you to bring the idea to others. So, try to become one flowing unit with others. It will be good for you and help in this matter.

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